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In the Age of Hawk vs. Dove, the Crane Rises
Operation Peace Crane is a grassroots project designed to spread the the Origami Peace Crane throughout the physical and cyber world. Since its invention centuries ago, with roots dating back even further, the paper crane has been by far the most popular fold, and has come to symbolize peace around the world. Most notably, thousand-linked cranes are delivered to atomic bomb sites and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as the need for a nuclear-free, peaceful world becomes more relevant yet.

Normally, origami cranes are folded using colorful origami paper, and traditional patterns. We hereby propose a new movement by spreading the crane with camouflage patterns of military around the world. Using the camouflage on the cranes represents the irony of war and peace that are inherent in our society, as if one cannot exist without the other. Today, we must confront the stark reality that the military complex is a worldwide industry, sponsored by the government (not to mention tax payers), which in turn supports the lifestyles of the unassuming public. We must not forget that we share equal responsibility in the proliferation of arms in the world today . We also understand that the mere presence of military force overseas alarm the foreign citizens and governments, instead of stabilizing politically volatile areas. Upon further introspection into the history of camouflage, its evolution and adaptation of design to the ever-changing political balance is parallel to the way humans have adjusted to the economical needs of the world, only to stray away from values of nature, ironically. It must also be noted that the camouflage patterns used herein do not represent any political messages, except for those calling for immediate and everlasting peace.

Reality is not immutable like a rock, rather it is dynamic like water. Although it may be a strong force, we can shape the future by taking part in it, no matter how small the drop. We sincerely hope that this project, done literally by the hands of the people, would reach the hearts of those who desperately seek peace, as we speak. Lastly, the only way to reach true peace will not come from agitated fear, but from true knowledge and inner peace.

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