A honey hunter in suspension

The Honey Hunters Of Nepal

Nepal is home to the Apis Laboriosa, the biggest honey bee on the planet, and honey hunting plays a significant role in the local way of life. The bees build their hives on the cliffs of the country's foothills, which adds complexity to the honey hunting process. Local honey hunters use rope ladders and baskets to access the combs after driving the bees away with smoke from a fire underneath the hives. They carefully collect the honey treasure from the combs while dealing with territorial bees. The harvesting occurs once a year and begins with a harvest ritual that varies across towns, often starting with a prayer and the offering of flowers, rice, and fruits.

This unique aspect of Nepali culture is captivating, and tourists have the opportunity to witness the bravery of the honey hunters, explore the fascination of the Nepali landscape, and admire the intricate homes of the honey bees.

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